Thursday, May 29, 2014

That Staple Piece!

I love my new shirt from #KillCity! I got it at a pop-up Urban Outfitters store in Williamsburg.

This crisp and clean, super versatile white collar shirt makes anything look chic.
The proportion is great; it's over-sized, tailored but not too fitted, and long enough without looking like a tunic.
Did I mention I love it?

Paired with #AllSaints drop-crotch charcoal trousers and #AllSaints black platform monks in the first picture, the shirt helped create a tailored minimalistic look that was effortless.

Switching gears to an outfit I wore on my day off. The shirt is paired with #StaceyZhang bamboo harem pants, old "white" chucks, a #Coach bracelet and my trusty #LouisVuitton Monogram Macassar Portfolio (The clutch added a structured element to the otherwise very casual and laid-back look. I loved the juxtaposition), made a great casual look.

I love finding simple versatile pieces like this. I purchased the same shirt in black a few weeks later and I'm loving the endless possibilities with these two! I'll make sure to post pics of new outfits to show its versatility!


Thursday, May 8, 2014

Dress Down - properly

Dressing down doesn't have to be the equivalent of raising that unfashionable white flag of defeat.
I wear uncomfortable clothes all the time for work, and on my day off, I want to relax and I need to be comfortable!

This shorts/trouser mix from #3.1PhillipLim paired with a plain white T, black chucks and a hoody from #AmericanApparel did the trick for my day off - and I don't think it's a defeated look. I was chic and comfortable and ready for anything!

...I went shopping.