Friday, February 28, 2014

Recent Outfits: Random Outings

Recent Outfits:
1. Shopping/Lunch: Outfit mix by #HenrikVibskov and StaceyZhang, Barbed wire nacklace and silk coat by #Burberry, Boots by #Gucci & Bag by #LouisVuitton
2. Baby shower: Outfit mix from #ClubMonaco and #Zara & Shoes (not shown) by #YvesSaintLaurent
3. Brunch: Cashmere sweater by #Marni, Trousers from #ClubMonaco, Shoes by #PierreHardy, Clutch by #YvesSaintLaurent & Bracelets by #CCSkye #SalvatoreFerregamo #LouisVuitton


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Recent Outfits: School/Work Transition

Recent Outfits:
1. To School: Outfit mix by #RootsCanada and #CheapMonday, Boots by #MarcJacobs and Clutch by #Burberry
2. To School: Shirts by #HandM & #CheapMonday, Drop-crotch leggings by #TimHamilton, Shoes by #YohjiYamamoto, Bag by #Burberry #BurberryProrsum & Jewellery by #CCSkye and #VinceCamuto
3. To Work: Sweatshirt and Boots by #RootsCanada & Pants by #GStar #GStarRaw


Monday, February 17, 2014

Recent Outfits!

Recent Outfits:
1. To School: Jacket by #Burberry, Belt by #LouisVuitton, Boots by #Fendi, Bag by #Burberry and Jeans from #AllSaints
2. To School: Top by #ClubMonaco, Shorts from #JoeFresh, belt from #Coach, Clutch by #Prada, Shoes by #BurberryProrsum, Rings by #SalvatoreFerragamo and #Burberry
3. Shopping: Outfit mix by #ClubMonaco, bag by #Burberry and Shoes by #Prada


Outfit of the Day: Fur!

Sweater by #MarcJacobs, Jeans from #TheGAP, Down Vest & Cuff from #Burberry, Shoes from #Converse, Fox Fur Snood from #MichaelKors and Bag from #Coach


Friday, February 14, 2014

Recent Outfits: Black Layers

Tank from #AmericanApparel, Shorts from #HandM, Necklace by #JeanPaulGaultier, Cuff by #Burberry, Boots by #Gucci, Shawl shirt by #HenrikVibskov, Coat by #YohjiYamamoto & Clutch by #YvesSaintLaurent #SaintLaurentParis #YSL #allblackeverything


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Recent Outfits: All Black Everything!

1. To Drinks: Top by #HenrikVibskov, Pants by #StaceyZhang, Boots by #Gucci and Bag & Necklace by #BurberryProrsum
2. To Work: Salt & Pepper sweatpants by #RootsCanada, down vest by #Burberry and Cuff by #Gucci
3. I don’t know where I was going. Work, perhaps lol.


Living Large

Living 'Large' lol-- Oversized Coat (and tunic underneath) #by #MaisonMartinMargiela Pants by #TimHamilton Leopard Loafers and Clutch by #YvesSaintLaurent #SaintLaurentParis


Monday, February 10, 2014

Having Your Cake and Eating it Too

This concept is not new to me, I want everything and act like I need it- or else!
However, recently at a Canadian luxury department store; I saw my cake, and was starving, but went home hungry. I had been watching a pair of Gucci combat boots from last season for a couple of months; slowly building up my courage and savings until I had enough of both to make the purchase. Recently, I walked into the department store and to my surprise my size was in stock! However after placing them aside to purchase, I noticed that the boots' match was a size larger than its mate and there were no other sizes the country. =/
Devastated, I reluctantly went home dragging my regular shoes on the ground. I know, sad right?

Earlier this week, I went to another store (with no expectations) and was shocked to discover that my boots were on sale and my size was in stock- for real this time! I tried them on. I paid for them. Very little thinking took place between those two actions.
Gucci Combat Boots
Photographer: Priyan Rajdev

I've worn them out once already, they are great! The best part is that after I thought I'd never find them again, I purchased them on sale! It's like having a Gucci cake and eating it all- so delicious! =)

My 21st Birthday Cake
This photograph was just so fitting! My brother had this cake made for me a few years back.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Outfit of the Day: Rainy Days

Trench coat with leather cuffs by #BurberryProrsum, Trousers by #Zara, Belt by #Coach, Bag by #Gucci & boots (#Energie) were a last minute switch from suede to leather because of the rain!


Outfit of the Day!

Today's details. Tops by #ClubMonaco & #FrenchConnection, trousers by #Zara, Bag by #Gucci, Shoes by #Prada, Cuff & Charm bracelet by #Fendi and #LouisVuitton. Don't wear platform shoes whilst driving!


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Fashion Photoshoot

Photographer: Dean Waismark
Model: Priyan Rajdev
The concept of this photograph was simple but effective. The purpose of the box was to anonymize the model so as to strip them of their status therefore focusing the attention on the clothing, and not noise. The cement background was chosen to again, place more emphasis on the model and the clothing. Everything had its purpose including Louis Vuitton bag in the corner; whose purpose was to create a juxtaposition between the urban-looking background and the non-luxurious box, and create a certain "diamond in the rough" mood.


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