Monday, February 10, 2014

Having Your Cake and Eating it Too

This concept is not new to me, I want everything and act like I need it- or else!
However, recently at a Canadian luxury department store; I saw my cake, and was starving, but went home hungry. I had been watching a pair of Gucci combat boots from last season for a couple of months; slowly building up my courage and savings until I had enough of both to make the purchase. Recently, I walked into the department store and to my surprise my size was in stock! However after placing them aside to purchase, I noticed that the boots' match was a size larger than its mate and there were no other sizes the country. =/
Devastated, I reluctantly went home dragging my regular shoes on the ground. I know, sad right?

Earlier this week, I went to another store (with no expectations) and was shocked to discover that my boots were on sale and my size was in stock- for real this time! I tried them on. I paid for them. Very little thinking took place between those two actions.
Gucci Combat Boots
Photographer: Priyan Rajdev

I've worn them out once already, they are great! The best part is that after I thought I'd never find them again, I purchased them on sale! It's like having a Gucci cake and eating it all- so delicious! =)

My 21st Birthday Cake
This photograph was just so fitting! My brother had this cake made for me a few years back.

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