Thursday, April 3, 2014

Photographic Intent

"The Omnipresent"
Photographer: Priyan Rajdev
This photograph is a depiction of the role of the photographer's "self" in their works. The omnipresent bias of the photographer is reified by the shadowy figure, representing the subjectivity of the photographer as it always a factor when taking photographs. I assert that no photograph is free of bias and completely objective. Even in instances when objectivity is required (journalism or documentary-style photography), one's personal experiences; cultural bias, or biases associated with gender, race, age etc., are factors when one shoots with intent. The intent of this photograph was to highlight the importance of critically engaging photographs. Whether in media representations or other, it is important to critically analyze what we take in and be cognizant of possible biases. Even as a viewer, when presented with images or messages to interpret in mass media, we often fill in the blanks with preconceived notions based on our personal experiences. This gives meaning to the phrase "Every picture is worth a thousand words".

"The Details"
Photographer: Priyan Rajdev
This photograph is a depiction of personal style; the little personal details, the calculated choices and points of expression associated with individuality.
The rolled cuff of the jean, and the down-turned leather near the pull straps of the boot, were both choices made to enhance the look of both components of the outfit. I'm reminded of a conversation I had early last week about high fashion being unattainable to the masses and that runway fashion is not practical. If you find yourself in a position like this where you're wondering the same thing, remember that it's all about what you take away from the show. Think more broadly about what you're seeing. The salient features of runway collections can be the idea or inspiration behind the fashion. For instance, Gucci- we saw colour blocking and playing with proportions, Louis Vuitton- we saw feminine elegance with men's tailoring with using a dark pallete with pops of colour, Celine- structured coats etc. A famous quote by Yves Saint Laurent "Fashion fades, style is eternal". Fashion trends come and go, personal style is an extension of your self and a form of self-expression. For some, myself included, expression through fashion is important. Hopefully after reading this and pairing it with the photograph you can see the subtle side of style.

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