Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Louis Vuitton's "Celebrating Monogram", the Iconoclasts, and My Rant

Recently, in an effort to blur the lines between fashion, art, architecture and product design, Louis Vuitton commissioned six Iconoclasts- all the best in their individual fields to breathe new life into the iconic Monogram canvas. The Iconoclasts were given the task of showing the distinctly personal side of the Monogram and to re-present something we think we all know in an extraordinary, individual and idiosyncratic way.

It is within this context that the collection should be understood and appreciated.

By commissioning artists with radically different values and aesthetics than the house, all of whom have a distinct design aesthetic and approach, the end results will vary drastically. Many of the designs will not be in keeping with the Louis Vuitton aesthetic, and the only thing unifying the collection is the varying personal interpretations of the re-presentation of the Monogram canvas.

I would like to talk about Rei Kawakubo's contribution to the collection, and the mostly negative reception her design received.

Her submission, "The Bag with Holes" shown above, received mostly negative reviews and comments on Facebook when Louis Vuitton showcased her contribution to the collection. Comments ranged from how ugly and useless the bag is, how impractical and overpriced it was, to wondering whether the submission was a joke or not.

After reading annoying comment after annoying comment, it made me think about this gem of a quote: "Not everyone is entitled to an opinion. Everyone is entitled to an informed opinion."

Think about the submission within the context of the challenge.

I think there was a terrible disconnect between people interpreting this as a useless bag that Louis Vuitton randomly produced, and did not see it for what it was. This bag is tangible piece of Louis Vuitton heritage radically deconstructed and transformed by an amazing artist who personalized, subverted, and instilled her 'anti-fashion' trademark into its conception.

Rei Kawakubo brought her signature and provocative 'anti-fashion' to this piece and came up with a deconstructed and decaying Monogram canvas bag derived from the classic Sac Plat tote. Using the classic Monogram canvas as her medium, she transformed a classic piece rich with heritage and prestige into something uniquely hers; a bag that is provocative and definitely anti-fashion.

In my opinion, this task would be especially challenging for her to take on as the Monogram canvas itself, in terms of iconography and branding, is everything that she does not stand for. Her daring to cut, destroy and decay the canvas, and most significantly in my opinion, cut into the "LV" initials - something that is never done, as it usually indicates a counterfeit bag, is quintessentially anti-fashion and distinctly Rei Kawakubo.

She wins.

Friday, September 19, 2014

New York

I spent this week in New York with my amazing boyfriend, Justin, as we celebrated our anniversary!
Here are a few pictures of the unbelievable views we shared while sailing on the Hudson just in time to catch the sunset.

Beautiful views and beautiful company.
Happy Anniversary, my love!

Like you read this anyways haha!
(Scenery pictures taken by Justin)

Thursday, September 18, 2014

All Black Everything

It's been brought to my attention that I've been wearing a lot of black recently. I was packing for a trip and I sat back and looked at everything I intended to take with me before packing, and it was all black.
I don't know what it is about black that I find suddenly so appealing, or what has caused this recent need of mine to only wear black, but I think I'm just finding it very safe and easy.
My thoughts while getting ready: "What goes with black? More black! Wear all the black!"

Outfit Details:
Python Clutch & Boots by Gucci
Pants with attached kilt by DGNAK by Kang D
Cuff by Burberry
Silk paneled shirt from Zara
Zipper necklace by Jean Paul Gaultier
Coat by Yohji Yamamoto


Friday, August 15, 2014

Mixed Materials!

My outfit had to match a capsule collection that I was presenting in my Wholesale Sales class during my post-grad at #HumberCollege.
I love mixing materials! At first glance the outfit does look simple -not basic (haha), but actually mixes several materials and adds to the visual interest by way of texture.

Jeans: Cotton/Elastane blend from #RootsCanada
Sweater: Cashmere/Linen blend from #ClubMonaco
Blazer: Micro-suede corduroy from #HandM
Boots: Leather and Suede (raised rubber sole) by #MarcJacobs (F/W 2013)
Bag: Embossed leather (Guccissima) by #Gucci with a leather and feather charm
Necklace: Gold talons on beaded chain (local NYC designer I forgot the name of. So sorry)


Thursday, July 31, 2014

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Anna VS Karl

Amazing street art in the Lower East Side, NYC.
Karl Lagerfeld and Anna Wintour have a bone-chilling moment.


Thursday, June 26, 2014

L-L-L-L-Love Lanvin!

Shirt by #Burberry
Trousers by #JackAndJones
Clutch by #Coach

Shoes get a close up:
Mix material, leather, suede, python and calf hair beauties by #Lanvin! A gift from my amazing boyfriend.


Thursday, June 12, 2014


Recent Outfit:
Black collared shirt from #HandM
Charcoal drop-crotch trousers & Black platform monks from #AllSaints
Arty ring by #YvesSaintLaurent #YSL #SaintLaurentParis


Thursday, May 29, 2014

That Staple Piece!

I love my new shirt from #KillCity! I got it at a pop-up Urban Outfitters store in Williamsburg.

This crisp and clean, super versatile white collar shirt makes anything look chic.
The proportion is great; it's over-sized, tailored but not too fitted, and long enough without looking like a tunic.
Did I mention I love it?

Paired with #AllSaints drop-crotch charcoal trousers and #AllSaints black platform monks in the first picture, the shirt helped create a tailored minimalistic look that was effortless.

Switching gears to an outfit I wore on my day off. The shirt is paired with #StaceyZhang bamboo harem pants, old "white" chucks, a #Coach bracelet and my trusty #LouisVuitton Monogram Macassar Portfolio (The clutch added a structured element to the otherwise very casual and laid-back look. I loved the juxtaposition), made a great casual look.

I love finding simple versatile pieces like this. I purchased the same shirt in black a few weeks later and I'm loving the endless possibilities with these two! I'll make sure to post pics of new outfits to show its versatility!


Thursday, May 8, 2014

Dress Down - properly

Dressing down doesn't have to be the equivalent of raising that unfashionable white flag of defeat.
I wear uncomfortable clothes all the time for work, and on my day off, I want to relax and I need to be comfortable!

This shorts/trouser mix from #3.1PhillipLim paired with a plain white T, black chucks and a hoody from #AmericanApparel did the trick for my day off - and I don't think it's a defeated look. I was chic and comfortable and ready for anything!

...I went shopping.


Thursday, April 17, 2014

That (Awesome) Time Calvin Harris Stalked Me

So this happened!
My boyfriend got us tickets to a (semi-)private Rita Ora concert, and guess who was there??
After about an hour of me politely turning down his requests for a photo with me, I finally agreed and to let Calvin Harris take the pic that would "Give him LIFE" (his words- not mine).
Here is the final product which I'm sure he has framed somewhere.

Kidding- this was one of the best moments of my life! I love this man, he's one of my favourite, and a very talented DJ/producer/singer/songwriter!



Monday, April 7, 2014

Fashion Comes Home!

Last week I was involved in the planning and execution of an event for my college. The event "Fashion Comes Home," was a networking event for my post-graduate class to meet and connect with graduates of the program dating back to 2003.

My classroom converted for the evening

We had different teams take on different responsibilities to ensure the night ran smoothly. There were teams working on entertainment, guest speakers, food and beverage, decorations, marketing and more. We even had a photo booth set up for fun, memorable souvenirs.

Here are a few photographs from the photo booth of my lovely friends and I.

And of course, no entry of mine would be complete without an Outfit of the Day description!
Top: #MaisonMartinMargiela
Blazer: #Zara
Jeans: #AllSaints
Leopard Shoes: #YvesSaintLaurent #YSL
Python Clutch: #Gucci
Rings: #YvesSaintLaurent & #SalvatoreFerragamo
Necklace: #Burberry
For more details and photographs of the event, check out my friend Kelcie's post, identically titled, "Fashion Comes Home" on her blog! Here's the link!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Tonnes of Visual Interest!

My room is all about me. It's a reflection of my personal style, it's made up of my ideas, it incorporates my taste, and is a perfect reflection of everything me!
I have a dark wood bed set with matching bedside cabinets set against a deep red accent wall. I had an idea for a focal point for my room that involved photographs of my personal belongings and other things related to fashion. My idea for above the headboard was a collage of mismatched frames ranging from sleek plain black rectangles, bold ornate gold frames, mixed with everything in between. Inside the frames would be the string that ties the chaos together; fourteen photographs printed in black and white, of these fashion-related images. The jumble of frames together on the red wall will create a tonne of visual interest and be the focal point of my room. The items I photographed were all fashion accessories, personal items and spaces where I like to create (my desk and closet).
Below are the images I selected to go up on my wall! Enjoy!

Photographer: Priyan Rajdev
Mon Monogram
Photographer: Priyan Rajdev
Leather charm on bag
Photographer: Priyan Rajdev
Assortment of gold, silver and gunmetal chains
Photographer: Priyan Rajdev
Assortment of gold, silver and gunmetal chains
Photographer: Priyan Rajdev
Various washes and applications to denim
Photographer: Priyan Rajdev
Gold Reflection
Photographer: Priyan Rajdev

Photographer: Priyan Rajdev
Photographer: Priyan Rajdev
Decisions, Decisions
Photographer: Priyan Rajdev
Photographer: Priyan Rajdev
Photographer: Priyan Rajdev
Photographer: Priyan Rajdev
The Details
Photographer: Priyan Rajdev

Friday, April 4, 2014

Recent Outfits: Cruise

Recent Outfits
1. Cruise: Outfit from #ClubMonaco and #AllSaints, Shoes by #ColeHaan
2. Cozumel, Mexico: Outfit by #TopMan, #AmericanApparel and #Converse
3. Honduras: Outfit by #AmericanApparel, #TheGAP, #Gucci and #ColeHaan


Thursday, April 3, 2014

Photographic Intent

"The Omnipresent"
Photographer: Priyan Rajdev
This photograph is a depiction of the role of the photographer's "self" in their works. The omnipresent bias of the photographer is reified by the shadowy figure, representing the subjectivity of the photographer as it always a factor when taking photographs. I assert that no photograph is free of bias and completely objective. Even in instances when objectivity is required (journalism or documentary-style photography), one's personal experiences; cultural bias, or biases associated with gender, race, age etc., are factors when one shoots with intent. The intent of this photograph was to highlight the importance of critically engaging photographs. Whether in media representations or other, it is important to critically analyze what we take in and be cognizant of possible biases. Even as a viewer, when presented with images or messages to interpret in mass media, we often fill in the blanks with preconceived notions based on our personal experiences. This gives meaning to the phrase "Every picture is worth a thousand words".

"The Details"
Photographer: Priyan Rajdev
This photograph is a depiction of personal style; the little personal details, the calculated choices and points of expression associated with individuality.
The rolled cuff of the jean, and the down-turned leather near the pull straps of the boot, were both choices made to enhance the look of both components of the outfit. I'm reminded of a conversation I had early last week about high fashion being unattainable to the masses and that runway fashion is not practical. If you find yourself in a position like this where you're wondering the same thing, remember that it's all about what you take away from the show. Think more broadly about what you're seeing. The salient features of runway collections can be the idea or inspiration behind the fashion. For instance, Gucci- we saw colour blocking and playing with proportions, Louis Vuitton- we saw feminine elegance with men's tailoring with using a dark pallete with pops of colour, Celine- structured coats etc. A famous quote by Yves Saint Laurent "Fashion fades, style is eternal". Fashion trends come and go, personal style is an extension of your self and a form of self-expression. For some, myself included, expression through fashion is important. Hopefully after reading this and pairing it with the photograph you can see the subtle side of style.